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Background and Need To Be Served: 

Kenya is a typical African country in many respects, with a diverse population and rich culture and heritage. As a developing country, ethnic division, drought, poverty and AIDS add to the complexity of Kenya's problems. Eight out of ten Kenyans are subsistence farmers or cattle herders and live in dispersed rural settlements. Fifty percent of Kenyans live below the poverty level. The unemployment rate in Kenya is around fifty percent.

The government provides free basic education through primary school. Although seventy-four percent of children in Kenya attend primary school, only 24% move on to secondary school. The rural poor are at a great disadvantage for receiving education. They have little money to find needed resources for knowledge – and yet have the greatest need. The situation in these remote regions with lack of food and poor nutrition is getting worse. Education is seen as a critical mechanism to provide life-changing skills to address many of the critical issues facing Kenya today.

 For us believers though, the preaching of gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is the main resource to curb all these needs. The Bible says in Matthew 6:33, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all it's righteousness and all these other things shall be added unto you. It all starts with preaching the Word of God, setting captives free and then encouraging them to pursue other careers as the Lord leads them. We sense to establish a center where the native pastors would be trained to reach their communities more effectively as well as to provide biblical literature materials that will help eradicate illiteracy and other areas of need in this region.


Listed below are the photos of the typical houses of worship in that region..

Typical church building in remote regions of Africa

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Thank you and God Bless you!

Dr. Charles & Rev, Eunice Chekwa